Looking At The Real Picture


You aren’t better than me or anyone else.You have a lisp, you are in your late 70’s, you spend your entire life behind a keyboard on vaughnlive normally inside a girls room that is old enough to be your daughter. That wouldn’t normally be seen as sick, however, you not only hang out in these young girls rooms you type sexually explicit things to them in the chat.

I thought you were a teenage Mexican kid for years and years and of course (like anyone else socially rejected) you hid your identity and face. Hundreds of things you had to say about others but too much of a PUSSY to be identified while saying it.

Just in late 2015, you displayed yourself on cam in a vaping broadcast on vapers. I saw that you are an elderly man who is retirement age and it made me sick to my stomach you spend so much time to harass people and hitting on women so young. Your behavior fits that of a teen boy yet your age is old enough to realize what being an adult is all about.

What I mean is that YOU are not superior to me you creepy fucker. Creepy elderly people don’t intimidate me. Don’t you think it’s pretty lame to want popularity so much you have to involve yourself in others disagreements?

This lame piece of shit leaves two comments 4 minutes between each other under two usernames. He comes at me with other people’s insults not his own because he lacks the intellect to form his own thoughts. He will never be seen or heard and for that, he will ALWAYS remain angry like a toddler and throwing an online fit. This post will anger him because he is not being directly addressed only vaguely. I think we can safely say this won’t be worth any more of my time.

As I stated this entire page is my voice and I will stick to my word in the reasoning behind this page. This is still on theme because the unmentioned person is one of Glen’s little follower fanboys. We don’t need reminding what that actually means.