Grasping For Air….Suffocating


You can still listen to Glen grasp for anything to make others believe I am psychologically unhealthy. Months and months and still hung up on me. So obsessed and mentally destroyed he has renamed me. I am now a fictitious entity Glen has made up in his head. In his stupid uneducated brain, he forgets just how tiny of an impact he has on me.

The “sink video” was me discarding the garbage he sent me in the mail. There isn’t anything fucked up about it. Glen threatened me. He threatened my life numerous times. Why would I keep it? Would you?

I have displayed many times how dysfunctional and cowardly Glen and a few of his followers are. I have shown all of you how delusional he acts. I have shown you I am not the only person who sees him for what he is. The issue is proven to be him not me, not Lawrville, Drunk_Monkey, Yanksfan, Davie22, Drinknet2 or anyone else Glen turned on.

Glen still tries to maintain the guilty person isn’t him. Everyone is the bad person. Everyone is evil and sick but him. Well nobody believes Glen. Nobody. People tell him what he wants to hear because if they argue or differ in an opinion he quickly turns on them like he did all of his other victims. All of them had enough of him. They had to do the right thing that any good person would do and stand up for themselves and other people. I am not mental for defending myself and other people. It is the right thing to do.

Glen doesn’t like that he has no ability to remove anything I type or any videos I create. He is such a megalomaniac he cannot stand to be outdone. He cannot stand to be put in his place. He cannot stand how I have a voice. 2500 hits per day on these pages. The entire internet already knows the things he did. The only people left to support Glen are the people in such huge denial they will see unedited content and hear everything Glen says and argue it was edited or made up. These are the same people who you cannot trust. All of them must not realize how they look to me. How much I never trusted them. How I never let them in. The real shame is they buy into anything. If anyone tells them something they instantly react. They never doubt anything because they are followers. Followers follow other people but leaders allow the megalomaniac to think they are following him. So go head Glen. Keep thinking all of the people you fucked with over the years are buying into your garbage. All of them remember what you did and how you acted and what you said. You treated people like shit just because you could.