Only In N.Y.


“Ithaca, N.Y., the mayor wants space where addicts can inject heroin safely” I read as It popped up in a local news website. Instantly reminded of the fact Glen is a drug addict who openly admits he is one during his shitty “t.v.” delusion. If anyone in this entire world requires mental help it is definitely Glen.

CLICK HERE for the full article I am referring to.

I see that we have a large issue with heroin in New York compared to other parts of the world when they mention they want to “host the nation’s first supervised injection facility”. I really think that says something about “shitty neighborhoods”. I think at one point the high school drop out Glen mentioned that I must live in a shitty area when I don’t see anyone even mention “supervised injection facilities”. It’s apparent that each and everything Glen says is bullshit. Never believe a word of his garbage mouth. The “trolls” Glen likes to label as obsessive are in actuality very correct in the fact that he can only dish it out. Constantly he acts as if he is the tough guy but if you notice he reacts immediately to each and every word typed in his chat. He always has this distorted view of himself as if he is somehow immune to trolling or being bullied back. In actuality, he is the biggest crybaby on the internet. The slightest thing typed anywhere gets him upset and butthurt.

“The son of an addict who abandoned his family, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick is only 28 years old, but knows intimately how destructive drugs can be.”  That speaks volumes of the severity of the heroin situation in New York and surrounding areas. “We have people shooting up in alleys. In bathroom stalls. And too many of them are dying.”

Don’t forget that comment you left when the comedian died Glen. Don’t forget all the comments you left that I found. You should really be watching what you say and do but no, not you, not the big mouth Glen’s way.