Every Time He Promotes His Website….


Every time Glen promotes his website he DOX’S himself. Glen is too stupid to realize it. He cannot do anything about it. It has been that way for years and has been the entire reason everyone knows his full name. It is publicly available.


Just take a look at the screen recording. This is all public information available to anyone who wants to find out if the URL is available. This is how slow Glen is. So you see how can I ever be seen in the wrong? Am I missing something? I knew all this for YEARS and I never said a word UNTIL Glen threatened me during his broadcast and turned on me. Who in their right mind would not defend themselves?

I am positive when I am mentioned all the time it’s the same thing over and over again. I am horrible. I did this and I did that. He never really explains what I did because I did nothing. He will say this page is a novel about him and “Brittster couldn’t believe it” but this is far from a novel. This page might be focused on me returning fire against all Glen’s allegations but that doesn’t mean anything other than I am not allowing him to spread lies about me all over one shitty little website that tolerates his bullshit. 90% of the traffic that comes here is from Facebook, Google, and vaughnlive.tv. I can see the enter URLs and exit URLs.  It’s always other people coming here according to Glen, however, his IP address is ALWAYS here (sometimes 10 times a day).