Crybaby Runs To………

Update: Glen Schoen has moved full time to after being identified by the owner of under a guest name while “trolling”.It seems in a fit of rage Glensroom has bailed on the website he praised for years as being the best website on the internet.Always behind the times and somehow stuck in the previous decade Glen Schoen is always on the short bus licking windows.You can still be banned Schoen, your innocent act will wear out soon.How is that anger issue of yours? 


The wittle crybaby ran to ivlog 1-29-2016 but nobody paid any attention. After he went sobbing back to Vaughn live (with generated traffic via Mark Vaughn) he waited for a few “shows” to reveal it was because they wouldn’t “feature” him his entire broadcast. Just take a look at the screenshots.


Just look at that lineup. Such a shame he didn’t get enough attention (sarcasm)…..wah ah…..wah…..”I quit they won’t feature me or follow my every command” 


Just wait, the insult is below. Yep “wickedUncleErnie” (who has talent and content of his own) was featured the whole entire time while crybaby Glen was doing nothing but talking shit and spitting lies and telling jokes that people only understood in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Glen has no talent, no original content and he is FAR from funny.


After HOURS of waiting and begging to be the center of attention they finally feature him and what does Glen do? He “cohosts” people and begs people to come to his page. He tells people “if you come to my page and cohost on cam I would give you ops” when his entire following consists of trolls and cowards. People are embarrassed to be seen as affiliated with Glensroom. Who could blame them? 


So, at least, crybaby went back to Vaughn cry or maybe it’s Vaughn beg? Ok, maybe it’s Vaughnscam. No matter what he belongs there with all the rest of the trash. Ivlog wiped its hands of Glen. Let’s hope it’s for good.