It’s Obvious….


It is VERY obvious Glen has been visiting this page DAILY. The first indication is he tries to defend himself against what is posted here. There is no reason for his defense. This page is NOT full of attacks, it is filled with facts. Facts bother Glen. The truth bothers Glen. The truth always bothers a liar. Still sustaining he works at a pizza shop when I have recordings of him sitting in a taxi talking to me on Skype on his cell phone. Still arguing the fact he owns his own Disc jockey company when I have recordings of him talking about “loading equipment up”. It might not be posted here but

The “whois” information for “” exposes his full name and information. Every single time he requests someone visit his website he is exposing his real name and phone number and address. He is an idiot. Entirely the slowest and lowest form of life on earth. CLICK HERE for the registrar information for You will also notice that does not expire until 4-30-2018. has been online for over 11 years and all that time, innocent people who he attacked could have obtained all of his information. Glens blind “pretend friends” or “moderators” seem to overlook the fact that Glen constantly lies during his broadcast and they support it all as truth. So get this straight. I tell the truth and Glen lies and you defend the liar? Support the liar? There is no hope for any of you.

If any of you ever noticed before, when “Bagface” is on Skype with Glen, each and every statement “Bagface” makes is quickly countered with indication Glen is writing down every assumption that forms in his head. Glen is constantly DOXING people and he OBSESSES about this page because I returned fire way above his ability and he cannot do better. Megalomaniacs HATE being outdone. Glen is merely profiling each and every person he encounters. He says hateful things about “warrbuck” and makes allegations “warrbuck” hit his mother but when does Glen look at his flaws? When does Glen admit he is a horrible person?

I am far from done  I have so much left to contribute to the internet.