Glen Harasses Mcdonalds….

Glen called a 24 hour Mcdonalds over 8 times located at 1286 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10021 Phone number: 212-249-3551 and harassed them during business hours. While you might believe this is ok Glen, this is NOT. You have a childish mind, YOU’RE a criminal and you WILL pay for your crime. Mcdonalds corporate headquarters has stated you will be prosecuted and if you call ANY of their establishments they will already be notified of your identity.

The following video was submitted to Mcdonalds for proof and also every call made to their store front is recorded to provide better customer service.


Mcdonalds is not just a business, it is a worldwide corporation. Harassing them is infantile. I have no clue why anyone would see this as entertainment. Glen is not funny at all and I have no clue how harassment can possibly be seen as entertainment. Sorry Glen but your being cancelled. Your “show” is over.

As I said before “Not one person pays any attention to the fact that Glen is manipulating them and lying during his broadcast” and I am entirely correct. Looking away from the camera, face flustered, talking with his fucking pinky like a fucking snob.


Just another example of how badly this idiot Glen hangs himself constantly. I will keep reporting him to the police. Prank calls are over because I fucking said dick head.


The address and info above clarified as the establishment Glen harassed 2-3-2016


The capture above is not the one depicted in the video clip although he did indicate he attempted to call it as well.