Differences Between Democrats And Republicans


Since the “high school dropout” who is too lazy to get off his fat bald ass and actually read (illiterate bastard) I will clarify the actual facts taken from a respected source online. Instead of talking shit about things you have no concept of you should try to research the topic. You see even ATP researches his information before broadcasting it. ATP is at least educated, unlike Glen.

CLICK HERE to read the ten differences between democrats and republicans. Oh, yeah and shut the fuck up Glen. You are an idiot.

This CLICK HERE is about “Republican Candidates On Raising The Minimum Wage” from July 24, 2015. This is an old subject yet in Glen’s mind this is some sort of current event. I have no fucking clue how he arrived at the idea he would open his fat mouth but he did. Idiots never know when to shut the fuck up. I hope you go play in traffic Glen or better yet fill the sink with water and stick your head under until you stop breathing. The world would be a better place.

Maybe you want to know the difference between democrats and republicans? CLICK HERE and whatever you do never take anything Glen says as fact or truth. He is a liar and full of shit. Notice the article is from September of 2015 and very recent.

One of the worst atrocities is the fact Glen stated he “read about it the other day”. Glen must not have any retention or memory of what he read.