Counterblast, What Does It Mean?

When an individual attacks someone they can normally expect retaliation. To “counterblast” someone is simply to retaliate. I am, and always have been, retaliating to Glensroom and his actions and poor decisions to attack me.

Glen has begged and pleaded for his followers to engage in a war with me that Glen has created on his own. A weak coward requires others to fight the battles they create. A strong person fights their own battles, alone. No requirement for others to step in. You can tell by the actions Glen takes that he has entirely failed at incorporating others into his war.This change in name as far as this page is concerned is not an act of admitting Glen has won anything. The name change is simply to help share this page. We want the trolls to have more firepower than before against Glen, not less firepower.

You can tell by the actions Glen takes that he has entirely failed.

Listen, whether the people reading this like me or not if they dislike Glen, I just do not matter at all. All that matters is they have ammo. I defended myself.

I have witnessed people take the things that happened and try to turn it around. I am not at fault. I am human. I do what anyone does when I am attacked.

You see my response isn’t how everyone online responds. Most people decide to put their tail between their legs and walk away. I decide to retaliate. That gets turned into putting someone on blast. Some of these people believe I should have ignored Glen’s actions but you see everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a choice. I don’t need people to approve of my choices and decisions.

This page will continue. Glen can broadcast anywhere he wants. I never implied I was trying to control his decisions. I don’t require his make believe TV show to have ammo. Plenty of ammo exists. This page is already entirely filled with enough information to carry plenty of damage. I don’t care enough to do any damage control.

Did you really think it mattered Glen? Let’s face it I already have Glen’s attention, what the fuck do I need to be in his broadcast for? Someone else said it the best earlier in a chat room. “I dislike Glen and I don’t need to fuck with him anymore to prove it” and I get it, I really do. We all deal with things our own way and to be quite honest certain people have left traces of response enough that nothing needs to be said or done. The videos, writings, etc already created about Glen’s poor decisions and bad actions speak for themselves. This post and this page are just one of many ways for people to connect the dots. Many people have obviously not listened to the evident plethora of information available on search engines and social websites. They continue to support Glen as a viewer and fan and refuse to believe anything until they themselves become another statistic.

I mean he is way off base in believing I am watching his broadcast live. I honestly never pay any attention. Though it is my problem and I do not include my friends, they have no issue recording the things he does and says about me. What should anger Glen is he will never in a million years know who exactly is recording him. It just isn’t possible. As I stated before it doesn’t make me creepy. Not if it is a public broadcast anyway. Not if it has been going on for years. he should know that the things he says and does online stay online forever. ANYONE can recover the things he did and said.

glensroom eat shitkillyourself