Lets Fall Down The Steps….

You can analyze my disclaimer. Good luck finding any flaws. You see I expect you.

Many people engage in “internet war” with me and lose.

You know,  I do not “spend my entire life on the internet” nor do I “spend my entire life on vaughnlive”.

Whats wrong? You cannot find “krayon” anywhere to harass? Doesn’t that mean that “krayon” has a life? Doesn’t that compute? Have you figured it out yet? It’s ok I like watching people fall down the steps. I enjoy witnessing failure.

Nobody on the internet has anything to prove. A loud mouth, internet asshole, sitting in a shitty little apartment in the Bronx. On his fat arrogant ass. Pretending he knows each and every one of us. Well you don’t and you are much too stupid to figure out how people are questioning your claims against others. They might believe you if you had “proof” of all your claims but you don’t. Notice I have proof of every claim I make. Tell me who would you believe? Someone with proof (me) or someone making things up (Glensroom)? I don’t know I am going to go out on a limb here and say you would believe me.