Stop It!! He Says….

On and on like a broken record.I am doing all these things yet I ignore him entirely.It comes down to one thing.Glen is FRIGHTENED and INTIMIDATED by me.He should be.Tell me, do you ever shut the fuck up about people? Who the fuck do you think you are? 

He just talks never ending shit about people.He makes things up as he goes along.Lie after lie and nothing to back it up.Notice something, I am backing everything up. I am not really saying anything at all. I am letting his big fat mouth run like diarrhea because his mouth always gets him into trouble.Criminal activity is HARASSING people over Skype.When you are a business owner you should realize how infantile and childish it is to call a business over and over again and waste their time and money ordering food you have no intention of paying for.Shame on you.You are mentally deficient.You have absolutely no maturity.  

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“If he keeps up his shit” he says.What shit? The shit you make up I did to you? The shit you make up I am currently doing to you? What exactly am I doing? You said it, not me.I am just making it evident to everyone that you constantly lie and talk shit. Anyone with a brain knows better than to believe you.