Hooters Sends A Reward….

So Davie22 had contacted the Hooters restaurant to make sure Glen pays for his constant harassment of their business.The good news is Glen won’t be harassing them anymore because they can now identify him immediately.Glen will be punished for his constant harassment towards various businesses over Skype. Skype is VOIP meaning they can trace his location and identify him immediately.All Glen has to do is call the wrong person.You deserve everything you get Glen.Your infantile behavior will become your own demise. At 60+ years old you are old enough to know better. It’s time to grow up pothead. 

Congrats to Davie22 who deserves respect for his many years of dealing with Glen’s harassment and abuse.Davie22 never did anything to Glen but help him and Glen went entirely psycho on him (sound familiar?).


Tell us how fucked you feel now Glen.Tell us about the time you got arrested for harassing people over Skype during your imaginary “show”.I hope you realize how badly you slipped up recently.Your big  mouth constantly writes checks your ass cant cash Glen.GO TEAM DAVIE!