Glen Talks Shit Constantly….

And About Cookielischitz (as usual the asshole is on and on about her)

Admitting he harasses America’s Third Party with other “viewers of my show” (as if he is the reason America’s third party gets traffic) This video repeats areas of interest for clarity:

Notice above he also threatens to “do things against” this Bill Plow person in his imagination.




I guess they just went on and on about this bill plow person until he logged in.Then Cookielipschitz accidentally posts a private message to Glen in his chat.We have to agree with Cookielipschitz entirely.Glen’s entire chat is filled with Jerry Springer trash.Just look at how senile EncrypteD is.We know encrypteD is at least 6 years older than Cookielipschitz and normally hitting on women on vaughnlive old enough to be his daughter.That is as creepy as Glen doing the same thing.You know what’s funny? Neither Glen nor encrypteD will ever get the real thing.They only fantasize about women online.They have no real life outside of the internet.