Glen The Psychopath….

As absolute narcissists/megalomaniacs, all psychopaths think they’re extremely important. (“I am the mayor of vaughnlive”) To them, the universe revolves around them and their needs.(“If younow wants me to broadcast they have to change this immediately”)  Everyone around them is either a TARGET they will try to use to fulfill those needs (Kumgitsum is a target to use against me) or an obstacle to be eliminated in the pursuit of what they desire. (Bringing popular broadcasters on Skype to ridicule and shame and “goof on”) For this reason, psychopaths surround themselves with individuals they can manipulate and brainwash, who idolize them. (Every mod in Glensroom) This not only gives them tools to machinate against others but also supports the narcissistic/Megalomaniac bubble, sustaining their false sense of importance.

This is definitely Glen.This is what makes Glen tick.All of the people who communicate or associate with Glen in some way shape or form. You know what gets me is that not one person has called Glen out.Not one person has said “Stop trying to use me to get to someone else” or “stop using me for your own amusement” or “stop making fun of me” because if ANYONE does that Glen will immediately expose his megalomania by using the chat tools on vaughnlive. This is the only way Glen feels he has taken control and if he lacks that control (Younow doesn’t have those abilities) he throws a tantrum like a child and leaves.

Imagine that you were raised by a psychopath in a place where you weren’t allowed out of your house, you weren’t allowed to have friends, exchange opinions, learn, interact with others. (you were an “associate producer” in Glensroom) Then the tyrant who raised you would assume the utmost importance, no matter how pathetic and insignificant he was in any objective sense. The psychology of cult followers (viewers on vaughnlive) and of those imprisoned by a psychopath (“executive producer”) has some similarities, particularly in the importance the psychopath assumes in their lives.

For cult followers (viewers on vaughnlive) or anyone who worships a psychopath, this importance seems to be a positive force: they have someone they consider superior to others, who makes them feel “special” and “superior” as well, by association. It is exaggerated and out of touch with reality: it is carefully created by the psychopath through brainwashing, intimidation tactics, and isolation. (Glen makes others feel as though everyone else’s broadcast is garbage and he is the ONLY broadcast to watch). Glen isolated me by preventing me from wanting to broadcast with harassment tactics towards me. Using people, he knew I had a falling out with against me by acting like them under guest names. Encouraging me to “argue” with them or “fight them” in his chat during his cast or over Skype. Filling my head with lies to make himself appear innocent and others seem guilty.

When their targets no longer idolize them or fulfill their demands, (I did not answer his call immediately on Skype) psychopaths often retaliate. (retaliation in the form of spreading Dox all over vaughnlive) They can’t tolerate when anyone bursts the artificial bubble of their complete and utter narcissism.  Psychopaths are bullies. They often resort to intimidation tactics, such as stalking and cyberstalking, smear campaigns and various other machinations. 

I take Glen’s stalking me very serious.Using a website to find people’s background information is a form of cyberstalking. All of Glen’s searches on the websites he used to “investigate” drunk_monkey, davie22, jamiez, Lawrville and his entire family etc are retained on record by his ISP and the websites he used. Even the search engines have a record of his searches and activities. All his Youtube searches and watched video history is recorded on record and obtainable by the authorities. Due to the fact, Glen used his real IP address and the location he cannot argue it was not him. 

So I encourage you, Glen, to pursue legal action. I know what they can do to you over abusive behavior. Using their services for harassment and abuse is grounds for termination and suspension. Please continue Glen. I want you to pay for your behavior. 

NONE of the people you included in your harassment and negative behavior deserved it. All of them were innocent people who were using the internet for enjoyment. You have such a huge mental issue that you are willing to try to manipulate someone like Jamiez to stay in your broadcast because you honestly believe you can somehow use her against me. I think she is much smarter than to become a part of your circle of manipulation again. I think she is entertained by your lack of intelligence Glen.

You see I know for a fact Glen constantly obsesses over this entire page.I can see all the traffic and where it originates.I am getting 1500 views per day.That is how much people hate Glen.They want him to be exposed.The greatest thing is I am not including any of them.If they choose to help ruin Glen’s day it was not by my command.They did it on their own.

You should be very frightened Mr. Schoen.I am standing alone against you and your internet gang.I don’t need a gang because I am a big motherfucker who isn’t scared of you at all. You fucking fat midget with 8 chins. Didn’t you use to say nasty things about Reverendburn? Wasn’t that you making remarks about how big Reverendburn is? Glen, I have news for you fucker. Reverendburn lost weight and you gained weight. Isn’t karma hitting you back in the face? I think you need to lay off all the weight insults and look in the mirror.Let me take the time to say something about Reverendburn. I talked car stereo’s with him for an hour in his blogtv broadcast years ago. He seemed like a very good person. Wish I would have listened to him when he would mention how bad of a person you are back then.