The worst to witness….


You know Glen is ignorant and nasty to people and they never pick up on it.People would not say a word if they picked up on it.I don’t know what is worse. people without a backbone who are too frightened to defend themselves or people who treat other people the way this Glen idiot do.It is just lack of respect and terrible mannerisms. 


When Glen has technical issues it makes my day.Hopefully, one day his computer just dies completely.Back before Glen had me around, to use and abuse, his computer was so infected with viruses and malware it would barely open a browser window.If I cleaned it for him remotely it would run perfectly until he started watching pornography and visiting infected websites.His “games” are pretty filled with nasty spyware and I encourage him to keep doing whatever he does.



You will notice that Kumgitsum is on Skype. I have nothing bad to say about Kumgitsum however, he does not realize that Glen is manipulating him. Glen see’s his popularity and is trying to get the people who like Kumgitsum to become viewers. Also if you all remember previously I had been in Kumgitsum’s broadcast minding my own business when Glen and his shithead’s came into the broadcast thinking I was some sort of open target. When I didn’t respond (they are easily ignored) they left. Quickly Glen tried to connect with Kumgitsum thinking that it would have some sort of effect on me. I want to say that I don’t spend my time on vaughnlive. All their efforts are worthless.