Lawrville Speaks Out….


One of Glensroom’s oldest enemies stands up and speaks about how he began to stand up against Glensroom after he continuously spoke badly about other broadcasters on Blogtv.How he was sick and tired of witnessing the arrogance and megalomania of Glen.

How Glen was too big of a coward to speak to Lawrville one on one about the things he said about Lawrville and others for years and years.How he refuses to stop speaking out against Glen because everyone should know to avoid Glensroom.

What Glen delivers to all of you is nothing but a fake act.Deep down Glen is a hateful, arrogant, poisonous, toxic person who would rather belittle people and pretend to be a god of the internet than deal with his miserable life off the internet.

I am currently editing a very current Lawrville cast live from Lawrville’s car on Younow 1-22-2016.It will NOT be altered but edited for clarity. I will only include the honest tale Lawrville was gracious enough to share.

I mean absolutely no disrespect towards Lawrville or anyone who views him with this post.

The purpose of this page is as described in the about section. I will not stop…ever. Post in the next few moments.Almost entirely rendered.

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