Some of the people visiting these pages might remember a year ago Glen called a restaurant establishment in Pennsylvania.That establishment is only located in Pennsylvania and fortunate for me he called a location where I knew management.I have the entire call backed up.Due to the fact I have his full name and location, it will be very easy for them to press charges.

Look for audio of the call in this post in the next few days.If he retained a copy of the video it will not only prove his harassment but also provide proof of his illegal activity over Skype.Every single prank call he made is a form of illegal activity.If I contact them again and give them the rest of Glen’s information charges will be pressed.I suggest Glen shut his mouth about me and stop threatening to kill me.

You see all of you reading this that believe you are somehow helping Glen are actually only helping me.Look for the update in this post soon.

CLICK HERE to listen to Glen harass and interrupt a business by keeping the supervisor on the phone and wasting his time. It also should be noted Glen stating he is not doing anything illegal is meaningless.The supervisor was NOT the store supervisor, he was a shift supervisor.Had the Store supervisor known what took place (he will) charges would be pressed for threats by communication, harassment and criminal mischief. Keep it up Glen. Let’s see how fast you get what you deserve. I am not stupid. I have all this shit on you. Hundreds and hundreds of unedited archives.Bookmarked clips about other people.

You should know Glen that Davie22 has a job.Unlike you, he has a life.Everything you say about other people you think makes you feel above them.I am here to tell you it only makes you look worse.You deserve everything you get Glen.