“I feel pretty high right now”



All he does is encourage Raunchfoxx to keep it going.What he doesn’t know is that raunch doesn’t feel well and he doesn’t need all this bullshit harassment.Yet he continues.Ask anyone who liked raunchfoxx on vaughnlive.Ask the owner of vaughnlive’s mother.Raunchfoxx was only responding to Glen and encrypteD’s actions.miss scruffy had glen and encrypted’s IP addresses and knew for a fact they were trolling raunchfoxx online.Raunchfoxx would not have responded unless he knew for a fact what was going on.

Glen did whatever he could to encourage more issues with raunchfoxx.Encrypted and he have caused enormous amounts of issues with people online.They have never been held responsible for it because they staff on vaughnlive are such a small group.Vaughnlive is understaffed.


This is how Glen behaves.All he is doing is adding to the problem he already caused.Again remember Raunchfoxx is sick during all this.Glen is adding to his issues.All Glen had to do was turn the other cheek, instead he engages in childish tactics.This is a 60+-year-old man.

This is why certain people dislike Glen.He does nothing but cause internet fights.It’s the only way he knows how to stay relevant online.he could be entirely losing the fight yet it doesn’t even matter.He just continues.To this day if Raunchfoxx is brought up Glen STILL talks shit about him or he will entirely avoid the subject depending on who brings up the subject.Don’t believe me? Bring it up to Glen in his shitty little drama cast.It will speak volumes about how shitty of a person Glen is.

Glen goes on during this cast to expose the username Trollalicious belonging to Raunchfoxx.Glen tells a story of how he gave Raunchfoxx Lawrville’s restaurant address and him and Glen both spammed it inside Lawrville’s chat on Vaughnlive during his cast.The entire action was not required and all it did was implicate Glen for harassment towards Lawrville.Glen could be sued for criminal harassment by Lawrville with the audio I am posting below.I also have full captures and video recordings of Glen harassing Lawrville during his show.I was recording it because Glen told me he was in there harassing him.I also have a video of them posting the information.They chased Lawrville off Vaughnlive.That is why you do not see Lawrville broadcasting there anymore.You can hear Glen lie about it right after admitting he was part of it.Glen tries to put the blame on Raunchfoxx because he doesn’t want Raunchfoxx and Lawrville to get along.Like always, It blows up in Glens face.

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