Glen Steals Davie22’s Video………..

Glen somehow got a copy of Davie22’s facebook video and decided he would give people a link to it on 8-27-2014.I have it well documented and I can retain it for Davie22 to use against Glen.I will not post it out of respect for Davie22 but I will show you all a screenshot to prove Glen had been stalking and harassing davie22 online.Davie22 if you read this and you DO NOT want the screen cap up here I will remove it immediately.I want the world to know what Glen has done to other people.I want everyone to know how creepy Glen is.I want them to know how much of a stalker Glen is.I want them to know how sick and mentally disturbed Glen is.



This is stolen from Davie22’s facebook page by Glen.I have captures of it inside Glens youtube video list from managing Glen’s youtube channel.Glen is a sick individual.I told all of you I had incriminating information and I meant every word.Glen turned on Davie22 also.Glen and Davie22 used to be friends until Glen did horrible nasty things to Davie22.