Pretend Vaughn Fame = GONE

Update:Glen Schoen has left and fled to permanently.So this post is entirely true.We successfully trolled Glen Schoen off of vaughnlive. 4-2016

When Vaughnlive decided to make VIP available not only did they chase people away with the thought of paying for something that is free on other websites but they also started to limit guests to 70 characters and limit the emotions they can use.Then that was not enough, they decided to make it so anyone NOT VIP gets limited access to their servers when there is a large amount of traffic.So what does this mean in English? That swollen head Glensroom has and inflated ego is going to quickly deflate when people cannot even get into his chat to type.A silent chat means NOBODY hears the constant shit rolling out of your yellow tooth filled mouth.Dick nose head is going to spin off his fat neck.

glenshead spins off
Glens head is coming off his fat double neck.