He Plays The Blame Game

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Below is a screenshot (censored to avoid using names) telling the group I created I am no longer helping HIM out. I am behaving like an adult and very respectful. I was always very kind to Glen’s viewers.

I would see some of them ask where I was. When I entered the room I would always start out saying hello to each and every one of them before even HIM. This made him angry because all the attention was not on HIM. This is why he talked negatively about me entering and exiting his broadcast. He was in a rage that all the attention was not on him.

He treated me like shit. He defended one of his female mods who took it upon herself to continuously attack me just because she did not like me. She would attack me for things I could not possibly have been responsible for.

The group I created was to bring him traffic. Regardless of what he says, he COMMANDED ME to create the group.

I did not just do things for him. He ORDERED me around.He would insult me and insult my work unless I listened to his commands. He has no respect for anyone. All he cares about is traffic and attention and views. That is why he hates other broadcasters who are popular.


It should be noted. Glen has made various false claims. I have NEVER done anything to any of his accounts. It should also be noted that brittster, encrypted and hippychk have ALL of Glen’s passwords. I also have a recording of EVERY single remote access session ever made. If ANYTHING would have been illegitimate by my actions it would have been recorded. I will be saving all of the recordings to protect myself.