All Over The Dark Web…

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I know for a fact this page has become a new obsession for Glensroom. 

The dark web is filled with criminals.The dark web is a dangerous place to be put on blast. Glensroom has been put on blast on the dark web. I will not disclose any more information but I will say that you CANNOT find anything on the dark web without knowing how to get there. It is a very vast area. What you should take from this is the following.

YOU are no longer Schoen off sir. From this point forward you have a target on your head. You have made a very poor choice to attack me. I am smarter than you. Faster than you. More destructive than you. Those who have no name are dangerous. You won’t see it coming. There are no rules on the dark web. Anarchy. No control and no authority. The authority you think is protecting you no longer has any power. 

Glensroom keeps talking about “isolation” and he keeps thinking he turned all my “friends” against me but he doesn’t know my friends. Many times he repeats himself trying to get people to believe his lies. It doesn’t work. He BEGS for my attention and he gets nothing. You will NEVER get the best of me Glensroom. Many have tried and failed. I made amends with the enemies YOU created for me and in my mind, I have forgiven them and they have forgiven me. I don’t need them to fight a weakling like you. I won’t be including them in this war of yours. Glensroom ,the man who is frightened of guns and text and information.  

I have more in store for you. You WILL be learning a huge lesson. All you have to do is shut your mouth and stop mentioning me and it all goes away. Or keep going and I will be after you nonstop.

I like that it backfired. I like the loss of viewers. I like how you lost any hope of favoritism by associating with Mark’s enemy. It’s over since you allowed encrusted to be part of the crowd without censoring his typing. 

I don’t have to worry because everything is from your action’s, not mine.