The Whole “Ballspython” Thing

One of the things I would like to add to this post is the fact that Skrilla was friends with “ballspython”.  Skrilla was told by “ballspython” that Glensroom had “ballspython’s” password to his account. Glensroom was caught logged into “ballspython’s” account back on blogtv hitting on girls and harassing people. This was purposely done by Glen Schoen to ruin the reputation of “ballspython”.

Glensroom also lied about having his account “hacked” by “ballspython” just like he falsely accused pretty much everyone he turned on of doing. This is so common for glensroom to do to everyone who does not follow his demands/commands. I do have a screen recording of Skrilla back on blogtv telling his viewers about what glensroom did to “ballspython” and how unfair and dishonest glensroom treated everyone.

Like every victim of glensroom’s NPD behavior, the similarities remain constant. The point made don’t trust glensroom. DO NOT trust him EVER. 

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