Expect Incriminating Posts

anon comments about glen and rockinron

I totally agree.Rockinron is a pants pooping retard who seems to become everything he calls other people.Ron seems to have jumped right on the “schreck tough guy train” adding to the already huge loss of respect I have for rockinron.If all of you notice Ron the tough guy isn’t broadcasting very much.Is Life a party Ron? I think it’s pretty infantile for a man in his late 60’s to poop his pants live on webcam and also to pretend his life is a never ending party.Weed is the miracle drug to poopy pants the clown.

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Above is the girl from younow.com who Glen asked inappropriately if she masturbated and where her dildo was.Savannah entirely quit broadcasting because of Glen’s behavior.I mean absolutely no disrespect towards Savannah and her family with this post.I really want others to see the innocent face of Savannah and be reminded of how terrible Glen Schoen is for behaving the way he did.The behavior Glen Schoen displayed towards Savannah is not that of a healthy-minded adult.Savannah is a VERY good musician.Very talented.

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Many people have entirely destroyed Glensroom’s internet reputation and Glen has done absolutely nothing to retain any integrity.Glen has exposed his own behavior many times and there cannot be an argument to disprove any of what he has done to others.The problem is he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.That is going to change.I really could care less what Glen threatens to do to me for creating this page and exposing him like nobody else ever has.As long as he continues to defame me publicly,threaten my life and encourage his “viewers” to harass me this page will remain.Expect this page to be here forever.Glen will never STFU about me and his fans will never leave me alone.Glen cannot and will not fight his own internet battles and he will never stop including other people who support him.The only solution to the problem is Glen passing,that will be the only thing to shut his big fat mouth.

Glen will never intimidate me.Glen’s moderators and viewers will never accomplish anything and neither will Glen.He is wasting his entire effort with me.He thinks acting like a crybaby will get him somewhere with me.I have news for you,you can keep thinking the way you do and I will keep right on posting anything and everything I want.I have twice as much shit on you than you realize.I think it’s time to post it all and make sure they know how the real fuckface is.It’s going to be here.Expect it.