100% Fail

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It has come to my attention that people are being told that I just came out and attacked Glensroom for no reason at all. I want to remind all of the people who might read this that I DID NOT just come out and do that to Glensroom

.Glensroom was the person who did that to me and I retaliated. Why? Nothing will be done about what Glensroom did to me and it is not just me that Glensroom attacked.

Glensroom has DOXXED and attacked many people. Glensroom is just not a very good person. Anyone who he decides to turn on or dislikes is his target. I have honestly witnessed him doing this to various people. I will not say any names they all know who they are. I have proof of this and that I had nothing to do with it.

Glensroom signed up for a website where you can pay to do background checks if you find out a person’s name.

Glensroom has been sending things to people and writing their addresses down or stalking people online and researching them, in order to background check them and publish everything about them as a bullying tactic.

If you were a victim of  Glensroom you might have included me as a target because you may have believed I was involved or part of it. I was not part of whatever was going on between Glensroom and others. It is not fair for anyone to target me for my bad decision to help

Glensroom with his youtube channel. I cannot be held accountable for every enemy

Glensroom made or bad choice that Glensroom made.You may think that because you might have obtained the information Glensroom was passing out everywhere you have something on me. I will address that.

Let’s get one thing straight. I completely entirely do not give a fuck about anything. I don’t care if you think you know who I am. I really don’t give a fuck if you know where I live. If you think for a second you will come and do anything to me you are entirely wrong. YOU will not do fucking shit to me but talk your little shit behind a keyboard and cower in the corner like a little bitch. Now that it’s clear I really don’t give a fuck on to the next thing.

The next thing is this. I have the SAME first middle and last name and age as 24 other people where I used to live. The fact that you might believe for a second you will be able to find out which one is me is entirely ridiculous. I am going to tell you that I will not confirm nor deny a thing. I am a locked box. I will not be answering your questions. You will not get an “interview” with me. I am no longer answering questions from anybody. You can continue making assumptions. It’s all people have been doing online. I have confirmed they do not have the correct address and name. They continue to type it inside every vaughnlive broadcast. They only type it when I am inside the cast though they claim they are exposing me. If all of them (Glensroom’s followers) can harass and stalk me like that I should be allowed to state my opinions.

The other thing is, as I have already indicated. I have moved to another state. My information will not be available for a long time. Also, my phone number is changed constantly. Some people believe they are intelligent enough to keep up with me. Good luck getting the confirmation of hearing my voice. So much fail for so little time I have to explain it all.

I am not posting this because I give a fuck about anything. Idk why but people always assume I give a fuck when I don’t. I have some friends online that, like me, really do not give a fuck about anything at all. I have friends IRL that live less than 20 seconds away from me that would love an excuse to beat the shit out of someone. If you live in the Bronx and think you intimidate me when you tell stories about being associated with drug dealers you got another thing coming.

You thought the entire internet was going to lash out for what YOU did to me and my retaliation? Cmon now. How smart am I? How many times have I fucking blew your mind with my computer skills? I just cannot believe what an IDIOT people can be. Just the most lower than life, uneducated dipshits who feel doing mean things to others brings them higher on the food chain. Using stupid useless words like “Literally” to make them sound smarter when using the word is quite the opposite. Using needless, substitution type, words to make up for lack of intellect is really lame. Even fucking spell check can’t help Glensroom Just something to think about here.

Does Glensroom realize that everything he searches and everyone he searches for can be seen and brought up in record by his ISP? It can also be traced by the website he purchased a membership to. This won’t stop the idiots like Glensroom. As I said before I will not be the last victim but I am trying real hard to make an example out of Glensroom and it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Glensroom doesn’t even use a VPN to hide his identity. Every action you take has a reaction you are not going to like. Did any of you ever notice that people from New York sound retarded when they add an “r” to the end of words that have no “r” in them?

Glensroom says the word Karma like this “karmer” <—what the fucking fuck is that? A new fucking word? Idiots like him make NYC look bad.