1-9-2016 This Was Written

So 1-9-2016

Glensroom/Glen Schoen threatened to shoot me several times during his broadcast while featured.While he may not take this seriously I do.
Glensroom/Glen Schoen has a lot of mental issues to threaten someone’s life live during his broadcast.He thinks he is above punishment.He continues threatening to take legal action against me as if I am the person in the wrong.I hope he realizes now he has brought things to a new level.His threats to kill me will be taken seriously.Not once have I ever threatened his life.He tried to make lyrics to a song posted in my Fb bio credible threats towards him when they had absolutely nothing to do with him.

The biggest thing is that I have witnessed Glensroom do the same to others several times and I have had to edit it all out.I think he has got away with enough.No more excuses for his behavior.No more avoiding responsibility for his actions and words.He has to have an audience and people on Skype so he feels tough.He constantly goes on and on about not believing in guns when it has to do with freedom.He is a true definition of a coward.

You can type that I am a faggot all you want to but if faggots get the best of Glen Schoen than it must not be bad to be called a faggot.I see the fact people can’t let things go.If I apologized to you I don’t see the issue.When will they see that it was their issue with Glensroom and not me? Why include me in your bullshit? I moved on and changed my ways, for an entire year I retired from blogging.Then this dickhead had to become a childish fuck and turn on me like an asshole.

If I “blog” I have a voice and other people can learn about removing toxic people like

Glensroom from their lives permanently.Take my word  its best not to put people like

Glensroom in your online life at all.It isn’t worth the aggravation.