David Bowie Dies….

So he uses David Bowie as a means of bringing people into his repetitive bullshit of a broadcast recently yet when Glenn Frey from the Eagles passes (also from New York City) he doesn’t even mention it.Do you all know why? It’s because he lacks good taste in music and doesn’t appreciate music the way everyone else does.

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Tell me, how can you call yourself a “Disc Jockey” when you hate music? When you sit on your fat diabetic ass in a chair online all day while your “employees” do all the work? He constantly goes on and on about having to “work” yet he somehow is online all day every day “trolling” in chatrooms under hundreds of usernames.

Glen uses hundreds of usernames meant to degrade anyone he chooses to dislike.He admits openly he created the username “Welfaredavie” intentionally to bully, harass and degrade Davie22. All Davie22 has done is stand up for himself and his friends.

“Cookielipschitz” is nothing more than one of many people Glen tortures relentlessly online.Glen encourages others to harass “Cookielipschitz” and has purposely given her “trolls” air time to continue their sick behavior.Davie22, by the way, spends time in her broadcast.I see Glens activity towards “Cookielipschitz” as a perfect example of how obsessive and sick Glen is.

One more HUGE example of someone Glen is obsessed and tragically falling down the steps over is “Lawrville”.Originally both “Lawrville” and Glensroom were friends and got along well until one day Glen started putting “Lawrville” down and offended him.”Lawrville” defended himself and just like myself became the subject of every “show” Glensroom did.

Glen’s same viewers also watched “Lawrville” and that became a huge issue for Glen because he didn’t like “Lawrville”.Glen was so obsessed he would watch “Lawrville” and when anyone would type something Glen did not like Glen would wait for them to come to his broadcast and “remove their OPS” or kick and ban them.

After banning or kicking them he would “goof on them” under the premise it would “make them mad” and they would keep coming into his broadcast.Glen would constantly do this repetitively even though it was entirely ineffective.

95% of the people Glen took OPS from or banned was nowhere to be found afterwards but he would make accusations everyone was the person he banned etc regardless.It is now 2016 and he STILL to this day does exactly the same thing.

Taken respectfully from The Eagles website http://eagles.com/news/266763 :

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of husband, best friend, father, comrade, and Eagles founder, Glenn Frey, in New York City on Monday, January 18th, 2016.

Glenn fought a courageous battle for the past several weeks but, sadly, succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia.”

In moments your, life can end.In seconds you can go from being perfectly happy to miserable and dying.When he passes Glensroom will be more disliked and hated than liked and it will start to really hit home as time goes on.Life is not a party.Drugs are bad.People who depend on drugs are weak people.Anyone struggling with addiction or dependency is a very weak person.Hundreds of people did nice things for Glen and others just like I did and every single one of them has been treated the same way I have.I am one of many “disposable” people.We are the throw away’s because we didn’t do as instructed and had a mind of our own.

There are several places you can read about Glenn Frey’s passing:



I encourage people to read and comprehend the fact that once a person is gone there is no coming back.Unfortunately, we can’t live forever and nobody is immune to death.The real shame would be for the younger generation to never hear the music again.I am constantly finding younger people who are listening to a band’s I grew up hearing on the radio and live.Unlike Glen I actually appreciate everything, I hear in some way.It’s the activity of close minded people to never hear anything new and never learn anything.To still be doing in 2016 what they did back in 1985.

I hope you all notice that “Glenn” (as in Glenn Frey”) is NOT spelled “Glen” and I am speaking of two separate individuals.