Begging For People To Pay Attention

I didn’t say anything and neither did Davie22 yet he goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

What a crybaby.What a coward.Just sit there and bawl bitch boy, it’s what you do the best.If you can’t handle it don’t dish it out.You are scared of your own shadow.PUSSY.You hide behind that ban button like a little girl.Butthurt that anyone might put you in your place.You sit down to pee.

When it’s considered a PUBLIC broadcast what do you have to cry about?  When you are out in  public do you get angry that people are able to hear and see what you are doing? How is that “creepy”?If you can’t refrain from talking about other people who don’t even mention you, why are you broadcasting?You think your little lame insults are a weapon.You are still using the same unfunny insults you did 10 years ago.Everyone thinks YOU are a failure.

I can continue ignoring this regurgitated garbage he calls a TV show for a year and come back and hear the same shit about me, davie22, drinknet2, James dozers etc.

He has nothing else to talk about so people give him attention.He just repeats the same made up bullshit. He thinks that is what everyone wants to hear. He is so desperate for traffic he makes anything into his pretend “show”. 

It’s so bad that Glen Schoen has to get people to make screen names to act like me so he has some pretend reason to be the tough guy.Meanwhile, in reality, he FEARS guns and anything to do with violence.What kind of fucking pansy is he? Who the fucking hell pretends to be New York tough yet is scared of guns? Scared of his own shadow. I have HUNDREDS of hours of incriminating video. Every time someone brings up Raunchfoxx, Glen acts like he was Raunchfoxx’s best friend while leaving out the fact he threatened his life.How dare you sit there without guilt for how you behaved.I hope Jenn gets the chance to punch you in your stupid double chin face ,diabetes fat fuck.