“The Krayon Strikes Back”


krayon strikes back

“The Krayon Strikes Back” 

Yeah, I know.It’s a little “over the top” isn’t it? It was required because this Glensroom idiot acts like they are some pretend, make believe movie where I am the villain and he is the “good guy”.

In actuality, I am the good guy and he is most definitely the villain.There is absolutely no question.I have said nothing about him yet he just keeps on and on about me.He forces me to continue to retaliate.

He keeps it going with everyone he made issues with.He just keeps going on and on about Davie22, Drunkmonkey, Drinknet2, James Dozers, etc.It is just never ending.And, just like me, they never mention him.That is the way he operates, though.

His own moderators will come in as guests and troll the shit out of him in order to get him to speak about me or someone else he indicates he “hates” or wishes death on.The thing is though they never had to do that.He does well hanging himself as it is.He requires no encouragement.
You will notice various screen shots sent to me below.I want to clarify I was NOT in his chat or broadcast.I did not do anything but open my email.

I have the ability to get everything without being there.Glen’s moderators are VERY corrupt.Before Glen turned on me I unbanned EVERYONE he had banned.Yeah, that’s right, every single person he had banned got the gift of being able to come back and troll the fuck out of him.

I entirely expected Glen to turn on me.Glen pre-orchestrated the entire thing.

above his toolhead

We agree ,he is a tool


I see what you did there….guest 778 yeah he wont shut the fuck up about me or anyone else that got the best of him. Butt hurt much Glen?


Again a guest account lets one go over the entire chat’s head.


Accusations Flying ,notice they still wont STFU about davie22.I think that is a little worn out.Glen is such a cry baby.


Johnwaynegacy adding to the trolling,He wants Glen to have a heart attack after being reminded I complicated his attempt at doxing,bullying and threatening me.

gennsroom purged

The simplest things get Glen angry,Mr “master” troll deterrant with “thick skin” isn’t so tough in reality.


So tough with his purging,Quite ridiculous he can dish it out but not take it.


Called out.This guest is a master at exposing the truth.


The name dropper.Great angle.I love when guests continually bring me up.It reminds Glen to react in anger and threaten me.Love those recordings of you telling me you are gonna kill me Glen.Great stuff.


This seems to have made him react really fast.The ENTIRE time I was nowhere near his broadcast.Such a fucking idiot.



I think Jenn burned those way before anything happened to Ray.

shit talkers