It Seems Common….

In Glensroom it seems common for people to lack the ability to behave like adults.

I commonly have people attack me and act victimized when I add a screen shot exposing their behavior.Many times (like this time) the person is being bashed or belittled where they are unable to defend themselves.

Most of the reason (especially on vaughnlive) people will get bashed, is for being a moderator in someone’s broadcast and doing as expected, by the broadcaster who modded them.People take being banned,kicked or muted personally and will become very angry.People will have a personal issue and will just ban.The problem on vaughnlive is that the Moderator has too much control over things.They can ban you behind the channel owners back.These people are very manipulative.

Recently I came into a girl’s chat and dropped a heart emoticon and was instantly banned by her. She wonders why people dislike her yet she is very mean and nasty to other people for no reason.It’s like a little game to her.I am not angry,it really didn’t bother me.I am not writing this because it bothered me.In her mind banning me for no reason is to purposely make me angry so I will troll her and give her traffic.In an adult’s mind like mine ,that doesn’t work.I won’t troll you or give you any attention.

See below how this “Greeneyedgirl” operates during Glensroom’s broadcast insulting none other than Tripcode(who didn’t do anything to this girl at all by the way).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were posted by Tripcode in “Cookielipschitz” chatroom in response to “greeneyedgirl” engaging in an argument with him.Tripcode compared “Greeneyedgirl” to “Hippychk” over the way she behaves.What this means to me is that “Greeneyedgirl” is just as disturbed.

All of you should know that people who are moderators (not all of them) behave similarly in Glensroom.Glen Schoen just gives anyone Moderator privileges he is so desperate to be “popular” and “blog famous”.

Meanwhile, on planet reality,most of them detest Glen Schoen and his constant ranting about people he wants everyone to dislike just because he does.The people who this tactic works on are just not good people at all.

Just take a look at the slideshow above.I didn’t say any of it.Her username is right there.She typed it,I just showed it to all of you.That doesn’t make me a bad person.

Don’t accuse me of attacking women either.That isn’t a woman,that is a little girl.Women don’t act like that.These people need to act less like children and more like adults.How could they act like adults around such a child minded idiot like Glen Schoen? Pot cannot be the only reason Glen Schoen is stupid,it has to be true stupidity.I question his education level.


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