Bobatari’s Public Post On Facebook

It has been brought to my attention that someone from blogtv (bobatari) has responded to a mass message sent from the “Glensroom” facebook account I created for Glen Schoen.

I created a facebook page two months before the end of 2015.I created the Facebook page because the original page (also created by me) was flagged for using a fake name.(Against the TOS on Fb) Glen Schoen had  avoided reactivating the page, he did not want to disclose his identity.Both accounts created were under Glen’s request.Both pages I would create a password and give to Glen.The first account Glen was receiving constant messages from Ganjagirl, who would make accusations I was “trolling” her and sarahsixtwo. She would persistently compare me to ballspython. I have screen captures I will add when I update this post. Ganjagirl is a trouble maker and will go to great lengths to cause drama with just about anyone.Now that you are all clear on the fact I DID NOT hack any of Glen’s facebook accounts and it was a legitimate activity I will post the screen captures of Bob Atari’s from Facebook.

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You will notice that the screen captures move fast.If you need to click pause to read.Nobody’s name was exposed just in case they used their real name.This was a PUBLIC post though.No expectation of privacy should be made by any of the people depicted.

I will respond to each and every comment left in Bobatari’s Facebook post.

Bobatari, anyone who received a message from “explosivekrayon” about “Glen” had been blocked on Facebook by “Glen”. Why? Glen indicated he did not like or trust them. I DID NOT block anyone.I never got a chance, the account was only open a few weeks.Bobatari, your response should have been a positive one in reference to me.I have always treated you with respect and kindness.I may have “trolled” you while joking around but I didn’t mean anything by it.Bobatari, you fucking idiot,Glen dislikes you is what it means.Smh.

Pilo Phart/ pillowfart, you always act condescending.I have always been nice to you but you really strike me as “playing both sides of the fence”. You, sir, are nobody to speak about “drama”.You surrounded yourself with assholes like “hippychk”, I think that speaks for itself. Pilo Phart, “some things never change” for sure. You still hide behind a username.If blogtv was “over” your entire effort is that of an idiot.

Bobatari, I think if you have been gone for “the same amount of time” that you wouldn’t waste your effort making a Facebook post in response.I never sent a message stating I “hacked Glens account”.My message was telling people that if I had wronged them in any way I apologize and that I would be unblocking them and adding them.The least you can do Bob is tell the truth.Is it that difficult for you to copy and paste the message to show what I actually said? Maybe take a screen shot? See Bob just wants to use it all as a way to make someone look bad.Rank up or get the fuck off the internet for good Bob.I didn’t want to show anyone “his stuff” and just the pure fact you say something homophobic like that exposes your lack of simple comprehension.It’s 2016 Bob, homosexuality exists and all but I assure you I am not homophobic nor homosexual in any way.Nice try.You still drink Ketchup.This is my page and my voice and I will say whatever the fuck I want and you will sit there and STFU.

As far as Olivia, she is always the victim of me and anyone else who exposes her childish behavior.Nobody online is as much of a self-centered bitch and cry baby. Olivia your husband is old enough to be your father.You may as well have married Glen Schoen because little girl your husband is attracted to children.Your marriage is enough proof, I don’t even need to type it.Olivia has been angry with me for years because I exposed her lack of breasts and her marriage to someone old enough to be her father.Paul still lives with his parents and broadcasts from their basement.Dude, you are a fucking loser.I would never have come at Olivia or Paul if they would have just shut the fuck up and left me alone. Instead, they involved me in their bullshit with other people. Glen didn’t like them and they would get banned in his chat. It became all my fault. Everything was me even if I had nothing to do with it because Olivia is a fucking bitch.

Bobatari “I actually feel kind of bad for them, blog was his life.he was the “mayor”.” Bob, you definitely lack communication skills. The use of “them” makes it appear like you are including me as well. Let me get something straight. Glen Schoen feels that not only blogtv is his entire life BUT vaughnlive is his entire life.Glen still to this day feels like he is some sort of “mayor” because he is a megalomaniac.Don’t include me in your bullshit ok? Blogtv and vaughnlive and any other social broadcasting website are NOT a part of my entire life.I will say that I am using this page as my voice and I am doing a pretty epic job regarding the circumstances. I am standing alone against hundreds of people Glen Schoen thinks can take me out and I am winning Bob. Bob, Pilo and all of the people commenting on Bob’s post wouldn’t last ten seconds in my place.All of you are weak.The reason I intimidate people is because I am strong.You might want to stay out of the ring with me.I will be the last person you ever thought you got the upper hand on. Smile pumpkin I haven’t even begun to make you my target.All of you are trivial little distractions. My target is Glen Schoen, not any of you. I can’t help it none of you can accept an apology. At least, I took the time. I tried to squash things with people. In my mind it’s over, I moved on. I see none of you have.

James and Gabriel, I don’t even know who the fuck you are. Frank, I agree entirely with you about how things went down. The pet lady was annoying and all but she was the focus, not Glen. I got no beef with Frank but he doesn’t remember me. I was friends with someone who died near the end of blogtv and so was Frank. He was a good friend. James claims to be a 20+ year fan of Glen Schoen. I wouldn’t be too proud of that James. 

Miranda/kitten5533, I see you are still unable to shut your mouth.You always have a big fucking mouth when it comes to me. You are another cry baby victim. You started talking shit and involving yourself in issues between me and other people. Those people all deserved my retaliation. I was minding my own business and I never did anything to any of them and they attacked me online. It was none of your business yet you started your shit with me. I retaliated by exposing your big fat bitch mouth and now I am the enemy. If you cant take it don’t dish it out. I guess anything to become included. What an attention whore. Anything for attention. How many times did kitten5533 the Canadian whore show her tits to Mark Vaughn on Skype for favoritism? Shame shame. Someday it won’t work anymore. You really gained a lot of weight Miranda. Your face looks like one huge crows feet. You really look like shit. Funny, everything I type makes her so angry she has to mention me in a round about way. Way to squash your online issues with me, Miranda.

Edward, I agree raunchfoxx should have lived and Glen Schoen should have become the loss in 2015.God takes the innocent before the wicked Edward. Angelina, I have always been nice to you for years.I realize you and Glen Schoen do not get along.Thank you for not including me in your issues with Glen.I see what you did there.

So to summarize.I never hacked Glen’s Facebook.My mass messages to people Glen blocked on facebook were apologies.I added them to Glen’s Facebook page to spite Glen and make him angry. It worked.Pillowfart is an asshole.Bobatari is a liar.Olivia is a bitch who married her dad.Miranda is an enormous big mouthed shit talker online who can dish it out but not take it.I never posted anything negative about anyone but people who would attack me online.It was a form of retaliation.I did post nice things about people, though. Not everything was in a negative connotation.